Hello, I’m Anna. Previously a Performing Arts Professional, I returned to my writing practice in 2017, when I became a full-time mum, and started this blog to document the journey.

We are a family buried in books – they’re literally everywhere plus we like to bury our faces in them most days as well. So, this has become the place where I share lots of our reading joy and a little of my writing too!

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The Dandy Lion (Friday Fictioneers)

A short, sharp intake of breath. Then her small features all go to work. Eyes focus, brow furrows, and lips form a perfectly puckered pout through which her lungs can release their contents. Two fine full lungs let blow. Ten tiny fingers tightly clutch the stem as the seeds take flight. A swirl of life… Continue Reading →

Groundhog Nights (Friday Fictioneers)

Opening my charcoal eyes, I look at the familiar scene. Nothing new this time then. With night drawing in, the house emanates its cosy interior. Warm yellow light peeks out from pulled curtains, and swirls of steam pump from a boiler pipe. It’s pot luck where you’re going to pop up, and very rare to… Continue Reading →


Who knew such joy could come from the sound of you chewing a banana. Your nose is a little stuffed and you breathe heavily between chews, sucking the air in through your mouth and out again. You’ve chosen my knee as your dining spot, and like a chair I cocoon you as you munch. Who… Continue Reading →

The Mountain Man

Gorm opened his eyes and sighed. Short naps were the finest, Gramps hadn’t been wrong. The rocky mountains of his people stretched endlessly before him, topped by the purple hues of the early evening sky. He stretched out his long legs sending boulders skittering below. Oops. There were voices close by, ‘I think we should… Continue Reading →

Friday Flash: Gingerbread Kisses

Harold Snow wiped his hands down his apron and admired his handiwork. Twelve perfectly sculpted gingerbread women smiled up at him, their sweet scent wrapping like a blanket around him. ‘Grandpa, Grandpa, are they done, are they done?’ cried Izzy. She ran to fetch her step, dragging it screeching across the floor, before climbing up beside… Continue Reading →

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