On Writing

It’s time to write

I am very excited to be embarking on a new adventure into writing and hope that this blog will help to pull it all together. Here I will write. I’ll write short stories. I’ll write flash fiction and perhaps a book review or two as well.


I have a passion for picture books. Fifteen years (or so) ago when I was a nursery nurse, I would spend my Saturdays browsing the children’s 3 for 2 aisle at WHSmith, and my free time was all mine to lose myself in books. I’m a Mum of two preschool children now and my time is far from my own, but I do get to read LOTS of picture books (even if I don’t get to lose myself in other books as much). And now I have a plan. Maybe I’ll be able to write a few picture books and stories of my own? Maybe.

So I return to writing (we’re all writer’s really after all – just some of us choose not to actually write it down) and, to help me develop my writing skills I’m going to have some fun writing whatever story falls on to the page too. Just let my imagination and pen (or fingers) flow without concern for genre, audience, or the resulting piece – that can come later. (Note: I probably will have a lot of concern for all those things but I’ll TRY not to put myself into any one box for now!)

So this is the place I will [bravely] share my responses to writing prompts, whether it be flash fiction or short stories. And also where I will flex my reading and writing muscles with book reviews. I can’t wait! Even if it does make my tummy flipple-flop a little.

Thank you for joining me…

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