Book Review: The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart by Stephanie Burgis

Dragon CHRATING: 4/5

This book is as delicious and magical as its title suggests. You’ll find it in the 9-11 year category, but much like other books that sit there, it has the ability to capture the child in all of us. Which is lucky for me as I am currently reading my way through this section in the name of research.

Aventurine is as feisty as you would expect a young dragon to be, but when her plan to prove herself to her family fails, she is tricked and turned into a human girl. What seems like a disaster at first, soon becomes an opportunity to discover more about a wonderful thing she has discovered – chocolate. She sets off on her quest down the mountain every bit as powerful in her human mind as she was in her fiery dragon body. Along the way she learns a lot about humans (perhaps they’re not all as bad as her family believe), discovers the joy of real friendship and finally finds her true dragon passion.

Stephanie Burgis has provided everything I love to find in a book for children (and adults too for that matter): a strong female role model (you can’t beat a small human girl with the mind of a dragon), a good dollop of fantasy and, most importantly, a magical story with delightful characters. Burgis has created a wonderful world in which to lose yourself for a little while, and it is beautifully executed. I now know a lot more about dragons and chocolate than I did before!

I finished the book feeling all warm inside – like I’d just taken a fiery gulp of the Chocolate Heart’s fine hot chocolate or been gifted the power of flame. What’s more it marks the end of a bit of a reading drought for me – so on to the next! Can’t wait!

I would highly recommend The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart to lovers of fantasy, chocolate and dragons of all ages. To find out more or purchase the book visit here.


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