Flash Fiction

Sunday Photo Fiction: A Lucky One

She had to keep walking if only to find some solace for her naked feet. The ice underfoot was biting at her toes.

My shoes. Where are my shoes?

Innocent words she’d thought and spoken so many times in her lifetime. Would she ever be able to utter them again without these haunting memories? She pulled the tatty blanket around herself a little more. Looking through her one good eye she scanned the dark street.

It was eerily quiet and she feared she would only find more danger at this early hour. A scream jolted her into a frenzy and she ran to cower in a doorway, hoping the shadows would conceal her there. But it was laughter that punctuated the scream, and more shrieks followed getting louder as a group of girls approached.

Their faces were young and flooded with alarm, and then fear, as they peered down at her. They hurried on presuming her to be trouble. All except one who looked closely at her swollen face. “Miss Evans, is that you?” The girl asked, her face pale with recognition. “Wait” she called to her friends “Call 999”

A surge of relief before her body surrendered to darkness.


Word Count: 200 words

Written for Sunday Photo Fiction

Photo credit: A Mixed Bag

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16 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: A Lucky One”

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting … yeah I struggled with the title a bit – but she’s the lucky one as she was recognised and considered worthy of rescue unlike others who are found in doorways and often in a bad way too

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  1. Even if the events of the night are innocent enough, how fortunate Miss Evans was to be found. We should all be so lucky to have a guardian angel in our darkest moments. Well done

    Liked by 1 person

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