That Time of Year

Perhaps a New Year’s resolution of mine should be: to be more punctual. Lateness, or ‘arriving exactly on time and no earlier with unbrushed hair and a slightly harassed air’, is part of my very being. My punctual friends are not keen on this, but then lucky for me most of my friends agree that time is negotiable and can be equally late. So this is why my ‘New Year’ post is my fourth post of 2018 and is 7 days late!

I won’t be making a resolution to be more punctual, however, as like always I have far too much I want to do this year and I believe we shouldn’t live too much to the clock (where possible obviously).  This is also my last eight months of having two preschool children, and in September I will begin the dreaded school run, so yes I’m going to enjoy the relaxed life a little longer (did I just say relaxed life – with two preschool children?!)

I looked up the definition for resolution to see if I wanted to go down that route. I know the common phrase these days is: I’m not making any resolutions this year, I don’t believe in them. Well I’ve decided I do believe in resolutions (I do, I do). They don’t have to be  viewed as some major commitment to change yourself for the better, in a way that is actually impossible to achieve, and therefore only leads to disappointment. New Year’s resolutions are, quite simply, plans, or aspirations of what you hope to achieve in the coming year, they offer purpose and clarity. So here are mine:


  1. I have some big, exciting aspirations with my writing this year (below) so I must ensure I make space for my family, and our family business, too.
  2. I will be present with my two little ones and be sure to cherish my final preschool year with my big girl (the Bo) and the terrific twos that my Bilbo is currently travelling through! I’ll never get this time back – childhood is so fleeting.
  3. I will be sure to be grateful for my fiancé who is so supportive and loving, and protect our regular quality time together.
  4. We must book our first full family holiday – it’s about time!


  1. For the first time in my life, as a new year begins, I have one very clear, very exciting resolution. This year I will write the first draft of my novel for children (and possibly fantasy lovers of all ages). This will mean aiming for a minimum of 1000 words a week in order to finish with a good length for a first draft. The intention is that when I turn 40 next year I’ll be working on the final touches of my first novel. How amazingly exciting is that?!
  2. As well as this huge undertaking (that I will do my absolute best to achieve), I will continue to write short fiction pieces for my blog on a weekly basis, and contribute to the writing groups and forums I have recently joined.
  3. READ, READ, READ – this is a necessity to aid my writing, and I am aiming to read a minimum of 24 books (fiction) this year, plus additional books on the craft of writing.


These are the clichés I start every year with (in fact, every week with) and I’m not quite sure how to revive them so that I take them seriously. Perhaps this is it – write them here as an intention and do my best. I would gladly take any suggestions!

  1. Drink more water
  2. Actually go to the gym that I am paying for.
  3. Eat more good food
  4. Eat less chocolate

With all these aspirations I’m bound to achieve some at least! It’s going to be a great year!

(Oh but I forgot to mention…. learn to crochet, start dance lessons, take up reiki healing, do some acting, keep in touch with friends, visit Leeds lots, perhaps move there? Spend loads of time in the outdoors, kids gymnastics, kids swimming, kids dance…)

Perhaps I need to rethink this ‘time’ business…

Happy New Year and thank you for reading x


Photo Credit: Inspire Now Journal

3 thoughts on “That Time of Year

  1. I have signed up to ‘follow’ you, Anna. I hope you don’t mind. I have read your list of resolutions and am already inspired. I am going to keep my resolution(s) to a minimum this year. Just one, in fact. I resolve to go downstairs to the gym in our building and learn how to operate the treadmill. At least then I will have no excuse. Wish me luck!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m delighted you have signed up to follow me! I’ll have make sure 8 keep posting. Good luck with the treadmill, Gayda! I too need to brave stepping into the gym some time this week.


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