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Our International Women’s Day

In true style, I am late to the party once again as I sit down here to wish you all a very Happy International Women’s Day (for yesterday). I know, late again, but I would rather write it late than let it go altogether. I had very valid reasons for not writing my post yesterday, two of them in fact: My Bo (aged 4) and my Bilbo (aged 2). We had a full on day being creative, catching up with friends and running errands. By the time I tucked the covers around their little exhausted faces, I had not one iota of energy left for anything else. However, I couldn’t think of a better way to mark International Women’s Day than to spend it lost in the joys and challenges of Motherhood. We don’t often have full on days together lately, with nursery and work breaking the week up, so it felt kind of special. Here’s what we did…

We blasted into space (seriously) with lots of other Mum’s (and a Dad) and their little ones at our second Travelled Companions’ creative session at the Unity Theatre LiverpoolTravelled Companions are a wonderful theatre company specialising in interactive theatre for children. We have seen all their shows, and their intimate, interactive and magical approach is a joy to behold. Their most recent piece ‘5 More Minutes’ is a playful exploration of how much you can squeeze into that last (and ever stretched) five minutes before bed. We loved the cheeky bedtime pair playing tricks, the sock chickens and sparkling stars we could hold!

The stars featured again yesterday, well we went to space after all! The most joyous part of the sessions has been watching how my Bo has grown and the way she participates with such quiet confidence. My Bilbo is a little more reserved and was like my own little Alien yesterday, his little suction pods firmly adhered to my hip. But Emma and Leila (the Travelled Companions) have a real knack at inviting the children in at their own pace, and their adults too. What I also really love about the session is how they encourage parents to participate too. Last week I caught myself crawling along the floor my hands were spiders chasing my little ones ready to tickle them. As they giggled with glee, I realised how lovely it was to be playing with them. Not lost in the washing, chores, or work, but completely present with them. I know it’s a bit of a cliché – but so true.

These creative sessions are a bit of a pilot and are running for free (or donation only) for two more weeks. We highly recommend them, find out more here.

Our next adventure was lunch at the Quarter with some very dear friends. We were two Mum’s, two 4 year old best buddies, a toddler and a newborn (with zero toys – not even a small train – fail). We had a lovely lunch treat and much needed catch up. I chased and fetched my Bilbo back to the table more times than I can count. His favourite activities were lying on the floor  and walking backwards right where the waiting staff needed to walk by – excellent. We tried to negotiate giving the children some space to play (and be children) whilst not disturbing those around us too much, but mostly I listened to my lovely friend’s emotional birth (survival) story. Between juggling children and inhaling my hummus (yum), I practically wept at how brave she and her family were. It reminded me how bloody amazing we women are when we bring our babies into the world, and how wonderful the dedicated doctors and nurses of our NHS are for saving her life in a crises. We eventually had to accept it was time to move on and, probably much to the relief of the other café patrons, we were on our way with fond farewells.

On to the shops to buy a little something for the staff at my Bo and Bilbo’s fantastic Montessori nursery, amongst other things. A small gift to say thank you to two special women for their involvement in empowering our little girl and boy too! Of course we chose a book with a brave and inquisitive female main character, The Secret of Black Rock by Joe Todd-Stanton.

There were more rudimentary things that followed, including some serious puddle jumping, snow clambering and new shoes (now that’s true joy when you’re 4 and 2), but these were the best bits of our International Women’s Day – just an ordinary day that matters.

Hope you all had a good one too.

Thanks for reading x



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