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Snappy Easter

‘What time is it now?’

‘It’s two minutes after you last asked, now shush’

‘So it’s two minutes past half past … er’

‘…five, Kitty. It’s 5:32 in the morning. It’s not time for talking. Go back to sleep.’

‘But I’m not-‘


‘But I think he’s beeeen!’

‘He?’ Ma opens one eye.

‘The Easter Bunny!’

‘Who said the Easter Bunny was a he?’

‘Errrr… is he not?’

‘I don’t know, what do you think?’

‘I think he’s a crocodile!’

‘A crocodile?’

‘Yeah crocodile’s lay eggs, bunnies don’t … do they? And he’s a girl!’

‘I think you’re right… I think the Easter Crocodile might be downstairs right now! Shall we go see?’

‘Yeah!’ Kitty leaps up, grabbing her stuffed koala.

‘Although, what do you think the Easter Crocodile will do if she sees us?’

Kitty’s eyes widen, ‘Snap, snap, snap’ she whispers.

Ma nods, her eyebrows high, ‘Best sleep a bit more then hadn’t we? Kiki looks like she needs some more sleep anyway.’

‘Oh she does!’ cries Kitty, climbing back under the covers, ‘Miss Anderson says Koalas sleep ALL the time’

‘Hmmm, let’s be koalas then.’ Ma yawns.

‘Don’t worry, Kiki,’ Kitty whispers, ‘I won’t let the Easter Crocodile get you.’


Word count: 200 words

Photo credit: A mixed bag

This was written for Sunday Photo Fiction hosted by Al Forbes. The idea is to write a story with the photo as a prompt in 200 words or less. To join in the fun and read more stories visit here.

Thanks for reading and Happy Easter! x


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