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Urban Symphony (Friday Fictioneers)

I like to pretend I am the conductor of an orchestra, like the ones Pa took me to see when I was small. We’d sneak in at the interval and hide within the shadows, until it was safe to choose our seats. 

Now on the cold days, my hands become my baton, like I’m Nadia Boulanger conducting the street. The rain falls at my signal, its rhythmic pounding rising, shutters crash fortissimo, as the sea gulls add their caws. 

They think I’m mad, the folk who hurry passed me, but I disregard their feelings as they have, for so long, disregarded mine.


Word count: 102 words

PHOTO PROMPT © Anshu Bhojnagarwala

Hello Friday Fictioneers! It’s been a while as I’ve let life take over (again!) – but I’ve just turned 40 and I’m taking on writer’s block, and hoping Friday Fictioneers may help a little! Now I’ll try to read as many of your stories as I can before I have to collect my little boy!

Not heard of Friday Fictioneers? It’s a weekly writing challenge hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. The idea is to write a short story (just 100 words) based on the photo prompt provided.

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Thanks for reading x

23 thoughts on “Urban Symphony (Friday Fictioneers)”

  1. What a wonderful story! I could imagine myself, as a child, conducting music to the rhythm of the rain hitting my window. I don’t know if anyone saw me, but I was lost in my own world, and I wouldn’t have cared 🙂

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  2. Your story is crammed with detail; the woman’s upbringing in poverty but enriched by music, her life on the streets, the juxtaposition of the slightly esoteric piece of knowledge that she has about Nadia Boulanger with her apparent mental health issues; the questioning as to whether indeed she has mental health problems, or whether she’s perhaps slightly saner than most of us…Really imaginative and well thought through, Anna

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  3. This portrayal of an eccentric homesless person reminded me, that for years, there was a public piano on the street downtown near the library, and many homeless people would wander the streets, and you never knew who was going to sit down and play.

    Your character’s pride in her purpose pulls at our heartstrings, without her ever having to stoop to begging.


  4. I think that’s a really good title for the piece – the uncaring city.
    I hadn’t heard of Nadia Boulanger until now, so thanks for introducing her. Some of the pieces on Youtube would be a good background for your story.

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  5. Love that idea of conducting in the rain, conducting the rain. I get the feeling there is a lot of history between her and Pa sneaking into performances and the present. Lovely writing Anna

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