The Fiction Cafe Writers 30 Day Challenge (Day One)

After a long (and tough) break from writing, I’m returning with a writing challenge! It is September after all, a time for new beginnings and my favourite time of year. Tomorrow also officially marks the end of the school holidays (resounding cheer?!) and my chance to return to a little guilt free writing time – yay!

So, I’ll be joining in with The Fiction Cafe Writers Group September Challenge (they’re on Facebook – look them up!).

I may not manage every day but I’ll give it a good go! …

Day One: Drabble (write 100 words on anything you wish)

If Only

‘Be careful what you wish for’ my mum always warned. She was a textbook pessimist, always on hand to point out the potentially bad outcome.

My brother very quickly morphed into her mini me. I took to calling him ‘Worst Case Scenario Boy’ and enjoyed pushing his limits a little too far.

That day he had told me the branch wasn’t secure. But what branch is? I called him a wuss and bullied him out a bit further.

I’d still be laughing at the memory of his bulging eyes, had it not been the last time they looked at me.


100 words

The Fiction Cafe Writer’s Group – 30 Day Writing Challenge

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