The Fiction Cafe Writers 30 Day Challenge: A Brave Post

The challenge continues but I’ve hit a roadblock already as I find myself struggling to believe I can write anything worthwhile and therefore not writing at all. After some success with writing over the last two years – finding a rhythm, managing to produce short pieces that people enjoyed, even getting them published on platforms other than my own little blog – I have grown a certain expectation of myself and my writing, and anything less just doesn’t feel good enough. However, I think I’m underestimating what it takes to return to writing after a break.

We got married this year. So, for the first few months, I lost myself in planning the big day (whilst juggling the day-to-day too of course) and then living that magical week leading up to it and the big day itself. Then there was a ‘mini-moon’, a ‘kiddie-moon’ and a luxury honeymoon (how lucky were we?). And already half the year was gone. Then life did that thing that it does and turned everything on its head and we went from joyful beginnings to unhappy endings. My father-in-law died following a short illness soon after our wedding. It was unexpected and devastating, and we found ourselves suddenly planning a funeral and dealing with all that comes with a bereavement. We are just returning to normality – slowly, and I know for my husband it will take much longer.

Now September brings a much needed Autumn and the promise of cosy, happy days. The children have returned to school and nursery, and today was the first day that I’ve given time to sit down to write, and it’s been miserable. I’m lost. It’s been over 8 months since I’ve written properly. I haven’t even been going to writing group in the last few months. I could cry at how hard it feels and I feel so desperate because I wanted this to be it – the thing I can do. A career even – or maybe just a creative outlet that would provide some sense of success. And I’ve lost it. I started this writing challenge and I don’t think I can actually do it. Everything I write is shit – although to be fair I’ve barely written a word.

The truth is I feel tired and weary – I don’t even want to write and yet my heart longs for this to be ‘it’. But if I don’t want to write – isn’t that a major flaw in my plan? I am sick of feeling a failure. I am sick of walking (or running) away from one thing after another. I don’t want to walk away from this too.

So, I sat down to write tonight – to just write anything, whatever comes to mind – because I know I have to take steps to fix this. I know I can’t just magic it back into my fingers. I know things won’t write themselves. I have to do the work. I must return to ‘Morning Pages’ and also schedule time to ‘engage to write’ at another point in the day too, even just 15 minutes but EVERY DAY. These are the baby steps back to writing. And I need to schedule some Artistic Dates too – I need to fill my cup. I need to lift my energy to vibrate at a higher level, to lift my mood and to invite creativity and possibility back into my life. I know what I need to do, and it begins with an early night and acceptance that perhaps I can’t just leap straight into a writing challenge after time away. Maybe some people can, but I can’t and that’s okay. We all operate differently and with some kindness, perhaps I can nurture my artistic child back into the forefront of my days.

So, this is my response to Day Two and Three of the writing challenge – I tried to write a dialogue and a poem, and I failed. I wrote this instead.

At least I’m writing again and tomorrow is another day…

5 thoughts on “The Fiction Cafe Writers 30 Day Challenge: A Brave Post

  1. Those of us who have listened to/read your writing know what amazing work you can produce. Sometimes when life throws lots of good and bad things at us, we can become blinkered. Coping with life can drain us of energy and our brain’s default seems to send us headlong into despair. Please remember the times when we’ve all said ‘oooh’ and ‘aaaah’ at your writing. It WILL return. Just write a few words each day and soon you’ll realise that those blinkers have been shed and you can see your words in a new light.

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  2. “I don’t even want to write and yet my heart longs for this to be ‘it’. But if I don’t want to write – isn’t that a major flaw in my plan?”

    I want for there to be some “higher power” out there if only for to laugh at this absurd ironic joke. I have “quit” writing several times because of this and yet somehow, someway, before long I end up looking at a blank page, pen in hand, about to scribble some more shite. Those morning pages/journal entries then morph into an idea for a short story, poem, article, and. . . Then I’m writing again.

    Too bad there’s not a pill for this. Or, maybe there is. I mean, that’s why so many creatives are alcoholics and/or drug addicts.

    For what it’s worth, I’m very glad to have happened onto your site (or that you happened onto mine). I’m looking forward to reading more, and better still, watching your progress to “proper” writer.

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