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Jane is Trying by Isy Suttie

Publisher: W & N, Orion Publishing Group

Genre: Women’s Fiction, Adult Fiction, Entertainment

Release Date: 22nd July 2021

Format reviewed: ARC Ebook (with thanks to Netgalley and Orion Publishing)


Jane is trying.

She’s been trying for a baby, with increasing desperation as her thirties sail by.

Now, she’s trying to make a new start back home with her overprotective, charades-obsessed parents – having left her career and cheating fiance behind in London.

And, she’s trying to convince herself she didn’t leave the front door unlocked, or the gas on. (Jane’s not anxious. She just wants to make one hundred percent sure that nothing bad’s going to happen to her. EVER.)

With an increasing load on her plate, friends and family who think if she only listens to them she’ll have a perfect life, and a brain which questions every decision she’s ever made, can Jane conquer her demons and step forward on her own?

My Review

This is not my usual read but I was intrigued by the blurb on this one. It spoke to me as I’m sure it will others— many of us know the reality of these types of ‘trying’. Trying for a baby is a huge one, but also trying to hold it together, trying to overcome trauma, trying to understand and manage our own minds.

Isy Suttie handles all this with sensitivity and a nice dollop of humour in her latest novel, Jane is Trying – a warm and funny observation of one woman’s attempt to start over.

I liked Jane, I really warmed to her and empathised with her situation. Her anger and unwillingness to forgive her cheating husband or her suffocating relatives was very real, and I was rooting for her to be able to take that step away from her almost-forced dependency on others.

There is some intricate commentary at play around mental health and agency, and I liked how Jane’s growth directly explored this.

There are some truly chaotic and humorous family scenes and an overall warmth running through the book. With a large cast of quirky characters and a dose of community action to boot, it’s a romp of a read that I’m sure will appeal to fans of the genre.

Thanks for Reading!

Anna xx

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