Fiction Cafe Writers Group 30 Day Challenge, Flash Fiction

The Fiction Cafe Writers 30 Day Challenge (Day One)

After a long (and tough) break from writing, I'm returning with a writing challenge! It is September after all, a time for new beginnings and my favourite time of year. Tomorrow also officially marks the end of the school holidays (resounding cheer?!) and my chance to return to a little guilt free writing time -… Continue reading The Fiction Cafe Writers 30 Day Challenge (Day One)

Flash Fiction

Urban Symphony (Friday Fictioneers)

I like to pretend I am the conductor of an orchestra, like the ones Pa took me to see when I was small. We'd sneak in at the interval and hide within the shadows, until it was safe to choose our seats.  Now on the cold days, my hands become my baton, like I’m Nadia Boulanger conducting… Continue reading Urban Symphony (Friday Fictioneers)

On Writing

Hello Forty, Goodbye Writer’s Block

I turned 40 this week and I was feeling very positive about it, although I have been much less so about my writing. After a year and a half of building confidence and having the words and ideas flow quite freely, I've been in a drought for while, probably 6 months of a drought. A… Continue reading Hello Forty, Goodbye Writer’s Block

The Writing Mum

Here’s to Magic Mums

It’s National Storytelling Week this week. It’s also the week my Mum turns 70 (gulp - how old does that make me?!). I find that quite fitting. After all it was my Mum, like many mothers before her and since, who introduced me and my three sisters to the magic of stories. My Mum -… Continue reading Here’s to Magic Mums

Published Fiction

Published Fiction: The Whispering Woods & Let Me Go – The Sirens Call – Issue 42, Dec 2018

The Whispering Woods They told me not to go in there. Into the woods where the you-know-whats lurk. Huge hulks of brown fury, all claws and teeth and menace. They said terrible things would happen to me if I did. I weaved a finger into my locks as I listened... Read more here. Let Me Go She… Continue reading Published Fiction: The Whispering Woods & Let Me Go – The Sirens Call – Issue 42, Dec 2018