Flash Fiction

It Had Nothing To Do With the Dog

It had nothing to do with the dog. Yeah, it was sweet, sitting in the window of the old Bennett house as I’d waited at the bus stop. Its doleful eyes peering out at me, relentless. I’d watched it barking incessantly as the bus pulled away. Silent barks, I’d heard all the way into town. … Continue reading It Had Nothing To Do With the Dog

Flash Fiction

Friday Flash: If Only

‘Be careful what you wish for’ my mum always warned. She was a textbook pessimist, always on hand to point out the potentially bad outcome. My brother very quickly morphed into her mini me. I took to calling him ‘Worst Case Scenario Boy’ and enjoyed pushing his limits a little too far. That day he… Continue reading Friday Flash: If Only

Flash Fiction

Urban Symphony (Friday Fictioneers)

I like to pretend I am the conductor of an orchestra, like the ones Pa took me to see when I was small. We'd sneak in at the interval and hide within the shadows, until it was safe to choose our seats.  Now on the cold days, my hands become my baton, like I’m Nadia Boulanger conducting… Continue reading Urban Symphony (Friday Fictioneers)

The Writing Mum

Here’s to Magic Mums

It’s National Storytelling Week this week. It’s also the week my Mum turns 70. I find that quite fitting. After all it was my mum, like many mothers before her and since, who introduced me and my three sisters to the magic of stories. Mum, full of warmth and love, her full bosom the perfect… Continue reading Here’s to Magic Mums

Published Fiction

The Whispering Woods & Let Me Go – The Sirens Call – Issue 42, Dec 2018

The Whispering Woods They told me not to go in there. Into the woods where the you-know-whats lurk. Huge hulks of brown fury, all claws and teeth and menace. They said terrible things would happen to me if I did. I weaved a finger into my locks as I listened, smiled and nodded.  "No mama, no… Continue reading The Whispering Woods & Let Me Go – The Sirens Call – Issue 42, Dec 2018

Published Fiction

Shatter the Silence – the Same Online Journal – Issue 12.1, August 2018

I remember peering around the doorway watching each plate shatter, splintering into a ceramic snowstorm at the hands of my mother. For some reason my memory has omitted the sound. I see her mouth open wide, her eyes and nose dripping. I see the droplets merging with the flying debris as she furiously throws her… Continue reading Shatter the Silence – the Same Online Journal – Issue 12.1, August 2018

Published Fiction

Status: Vulnerable – the Same Online Journal – Issue 10.2, June 2018

Her green eyes close and sleep follows. Her favourite time of day, or rather night. At night she escapes her diagnosis, her ageing bones and the tang of disinfectant that pervades this ‘home’. At night she . . . Read more here Published in the Same online literary journal, Issue 10.2, 11th June 2018

Flash Fiction

Quite the Exhibition

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot Eva stopped for a moment, leaning back against the cool stone of a vast pillar. Droplets of sweat tickled at her temples as they  began their descent down her cheeks. She sucked air into her aching chest, her thoughts racing like the beating of her heart.  Mere seconds and she… Continue reading Quite the Exhibition