Friday Flash: Gingerbread Kisses

Harold Snow wiped his hands down his apron and admired his handiwork. Twelve perfectly sculpted gingerbread women smiled up at him, their sweet scent wrapping like a blanket around him. ‘Grandpa, Grandpa, are they done, are they done?’ cried Izzy. She ran to fetch her step, dragging it screeching across the floor, before climbing up besideContinue reading “Friday Flash: Gingerbread Kisses”

Weekend Writing Prompt #146: Epoch

Epoch At the edge of one I wait For doors to open, and welcome me in A pause  A breath Then time hurries on  With me its captive. ____________________________________________________ A word prompt to get your creativity flowing this weekend.  How you use the prompt is up to you.  Write a piece of flash fiction, aContinue reading “Weekend Writing Prompt #146: Epoch”

Friday Flash: Spilt Milk

You may think this is trivial but trust me, if you were me you too would be sobbing as hard as I am right now on the kitchen floor. Oh yes, you too would be letting the snot, the tears, the saliva dribble freely, as the cool stone presses hard into your hands and knees,Continue reading “Friday Flash: Spilt Milk”

Friday Flash: Always is a Long Time

‘Woah, now just slow down there’ a voice hollered from the next aisle seconds before a tiny child came hurtling around the corner pushing a basket on wheels. His beam almost entirely covered his face and his eyes sparkled with mischief. Susie leapt away from the wine bottles she was perusing, just in time toContinue reading “Friday Flash: Always is a Long Time”

It Had Nothing To Do With the Dog

It had nothing to do with the dog. Yeah, it was sweet, sitting in the window of the old Bennett house as I’d waited at the bus stop. Its doleful eyes peering out at me, relentless. I’d watched it barking incessantly as the bus pulled away. Silent barks, I’d heard all the way into town. Continue reading “It Had Nothing To Do With the Dog”

Friday Flash: If Only

‘Be careful what you wish for’ my mum always warned. She was a textbook pessimist, always on hand to point out the potentially bad outcome. My brother very quickly morphed into her mini me. I took to calling him ‘Worst Case Scenario Boy’ and enjoyed pushing his limits a little too far. That day heContinue reading “Friday Flash: If Only”

Urban Symphony (Friday Fictioneers)

I like to pretend I am the conductor of an orchestra, like the ones Pa took me to see when I was small. We’d sneak in at the interval and hide within the shadows, until it was safe to choose our seats.  Now on the cold days, my hands become my baton, like I’m Nadia Boulanger conductingContinue reading “Urban Symphony (Friday Fictioneers)”

Chalk It Down (Friday Fictioneers)

I remember the time you stepped on a shell and your big toe burst open all bloody. ‘That’s your fault’ you spat at me, as Mum bent to nurse your wound. ‘I’m sorry’ I said, confused. You said it again with a mouthful of teeth, your bike strewn on the pavement behind you. ‘I’m sorry’Continue reading “Chalk It Down (Friday Fictioneers)”

Quite the Exhibition

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot Eva stopped for a moment, leaning back against the cool stone of a vast pillar. Droplets of sweat tickled at her temples as they  began their descent down her cheeks. She sucked air into her aching chest, her thoughts racing like the beating of her heart.  Mere seconds and sheContinue reading “Quite the Exhibition”

Hush Now (Friday Fictioneers)

My heart seemed to stop, up high in my rib-cage where it had leapt and then frozen.  I grasped desperately at the air, as the intricate glass bowl plummeted beyond my reach toward the harsh tiles of the kitchen floor. The sound rang out like a million tiny bells tolling, calling out into the silentContinue reading “Hush Now (Friday Fictioneers)”