Flash Fiction, From the MacBook

Friday Flash: Always is a Long Time

Here's this week's story from the MacBook. A short one written (again) for writing group and inspired by my mothering as many of my stories are! I'm liking the Friday rhythm I'm finding here, so I'll be making this a regular slot. Friday Flash Fiction for a little alliterative satisfaction! Back next week! ________________________________________________________ Always… Continue reading Friday Flash: Always is a Long Time

Flash Fiction, From the MacBook

Friday Flash: Spilt Milk

I think it's time I shared another story from the MacBook - no point in them languishing there unread. This is another story written for my writing group. I've held on to it thinking I might offer it up to be published elsewhere, but actually I'd just like to share it now. One inspired by… Continue reading Friday Flash: Spilt Milk

Flash Fiction, From the MacBook

Here Comes The… Shameless Friend

So following on from my last post here's my first story pulled from the depths of my MacBook and ready to be shared. I wrote it for my monthly Writing Group last year when I was in the midst of wedding planning and LOVING  Fleabag on catch up! The inspirations are pretty obvious but it… Continue reading Here Comes The… Shameless Friend

On Writing

Hello Forty, Goodbye Writer’s Block

I turned 40 this week and I was feeling very positive about it, although I have been much less so about my writing. After a year and a half of building confidence and having the words and ideas flow quite freely, I've been in a drought for while, probably 6 months of a drought. A… Continue reading Hello Forty, Goodbye Writer’s Block