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Here’s to Magic Mums

It’s National Storytelling Week this week. It’s also the week my Mum turns 70 (gulp - how old does that make me?!). I find that quite fitting. After all it was my Mum, like many mothers before her and since, who introduced me and my three sisters to the magic of stories. My Mum -… Continue reading Here’s to Magic Mums

Published Fiction

PUBLISHED FICTION – Status: Vulnerable – the Same Online Journal – Issue 10.2, June 2018

"Her green eyes close and sleep follows. Her favourite time of day, or rather night. At night she escapes her diagnosis, her ageing bones and the tang of disinfectant that pervades this ‘home’. At night she ..." [Read more here] Published in the Same online literary journal, Issue 10.2, 11th June 2018